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Video Rankings for February: Vevo Takes a Tumble

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comScore released its online video rankings for February, 2011, showing how much online video Americans are watching and where. The only thing constant to the list is that Google sites-led by YouTube-are again on top. Google counted 141.0 million unique viewers during the short month, compared with 144.1 million in January. Google viewers engaged in 1.8 billion viewing sessions.

The rest of the list, however, was in flux. While music video site Vevo grabbed the number 2 spot in January, with 51.0 million viewers averaging 91.9 minutes of viewing time, in February it fell to number five, with 45.9 million viewers averaging 86.7 minutes each. Is the novelty of online music videos wearing thin or were there just not any strong songs that month?

The big winner was Microsoft's online video sites, which moved up from seventh place in January to the two spot in February. Microsoft sites got 48.8 million viewers averaging 46.5 minutes each.

The full top ten list in order is Google sites, Microsoft sites, Yahoo sites, Facebook, Vevo, Viacom Digital, AOL, Turner Digital, Hulu, and NBC Universal.

Overall, Americans watched over 5.0 billion online videos in February, with an average of 13.6 hours per viewer.

Hulu was once again the ad leader, serving more online video ads than any other site. It delivered 1.1 billion ads to 7.8 percent of the U.S. population.

Tremor Media took the second spot by serving 548.3 million ads. It also had the greatest reach, serving them to 20.1 percent of the population.

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