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Octoshape Launches Cloudmass Delivery

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At CES, Copenhagen-based content delivery company Octoshape added one more service to its innovative arsenal when it announced Cloudmass. The service works by aggregating the resources of multiple cloud service providers. Users don't need to plan for event capacity as they would when working with a single content delivery network (CDN), as Cloudmass expands when load increases.

Cloudmass works providers such as Amazon, Softlayer, Rackspace, AT&T, and Microsoft, all auto provisioned as needed by the product's software.

"Content delivery service performance has long been tied to the assumption that distance (proximity of servers to clients) equals quality, which has seen the growth of sprawling CDN networks to ensure that delivery from the edge of their networks over the last-mile to the end-user is optimal," says Colin Dixon, senior partner at TDG Research, a digital media research and advisory firm. "The Cloudmass approach refutes the distance equals quality equation by employing far more flexible global cloud resources delivering potentially huge savings and cost avoidance in capital and operational expenditures."

Cloudmass combines with Octoshape's other technologies, which include native multicast, automatic multicast tunneling, and peer-to-peer (or grid, as the company calls it) to deliver high-quality video streaming over long distances.

"The keys to success with large audience demand is achieving resilient scalability to deliver HD-quality content to an increasingly global audience but without the time and costs associated with pre-preparing fixed network resources that are inherently inflexible and lack necessary reach," says Scott Brown, U.S. General Manger for Octoshape.

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