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July Video Rankings: Google Takes a Jump, NBC Claws Back

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ComScore's video rankings for July are out, offering a monthly snapshot of an industry in growth. Maybe the summertime heat was too much for people, because 180 million U.S. Internet user watched an average of 18.5 hours of online video last month. That's a record 6.9 billion viewing sessions.

As expected, Google sites (which include YouTube) led the way with 158 million viewers watching an average of 353.7 minutes each. That's a big jump from June, when 149.3 million viewers watched an average of 324.1 minutes of video. Vevo again took second place with 62.1 million viewers averaging 66 minutes of video. That's a drop from the previous month.

Next up were Facebook (51.4 million), Microsoft sites (49.5 million), and Viacom Digital (47.3 million). Rounding out the top ten were Yahoo sites, AOL, Turner Digital, Hulu, and NBC Universal. NBC had fallen out of the top ten in June, and returned to edge out Amazon.

Hulu again showed more video ads than its competitors. It streamed 962.9 million ads in July, to 7.9 percent of the U.S. population, averaging 40.4 ads per viewer. That continues Hulu's decline, as it showed 1 billion ads in June to 8.6 percent of the population. Following Hulu in the number of video ads served were Adap.TV (674.3 million), Tremor Video (639.2 million), BrightRoll (521.6 million), Specific Media (470.6 million), TidalTV.com (375.3 million), SpotXchange (334.8 million), Auditude (302.3 million), Viacom Digital (272.3 million), and Microsoft sites (252.5 million). Tremor Video experienced a healthy drop (from 753 .0 million in June), while Auditude climbed into the top ten and Undertone fell out. BrightRoll reached the largest percent of the U.S. population, with 23.0 percent.

For the first time, comScore has begun ranking the YouTube partner channels. Vevo had the most popular partner channel, followed by Warner Music, Machinima, Demand Media, and Maker Studios.

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