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Instart Logic Fires Latest Salvo in War With Ad Blockers

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Ad blockers can't do their work if they can't tell what's an ad and what's the actual content. That's the philosophy behind Ad Integrity, an ad blocker blocker announced today by application and website delivery company Instart Logic. Using a cloud-based approach, Ad Integrity meshes the site and its advertising together in a way that makes it impossible for the blocker to tell which part is the ad, the company claims. 

While the operation sounds complex, Instart Logic insists installation requires only small DNS tweaks. Publishers input changes that stream their HTML code through Instart Logic's system, which inserts ad blocker-detecting JavaScript. If a blocker is detected, Instart Logic encrypts and streams all page elements. Ad blockers then aren't able to detect the tell-tale signals of advertising. Ads are still delivered and measured as they would be, and pages looks the same to viewers. The solution is already being tested by several large online publishers. 

"Web publishers make simple DNS changes to flow the network domains that carry their HTML pages through Instart Logic's endpoint-aware application delivery network," explains Shailesh Shukla, vice president of products and marketing for Instart Logic. "This allows our Ad Integrity module to inject a small piece of highly optimized JavaScript, a virtualization technology called Nanovisor, into the browser that can detect the presence of ad blockers. The Nanovisor executes only during the time a user is on the site and then it disappears from the browser when a user's session ends." 

Instart Logic also works with publishers to create what it calls "ad-lite" versions of pages. Served to people who have blockers installed, these preserve the publisher's intent while respecting the viewer's wishes.

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