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H.264 Continues to Expand Lead for HTML5 Playback, Says MeFeedia

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There's no stopping the H.264 codec, finds search and index site MeFeedia, which, in its fourth look at HTML5 support, finds that 80 percent of H.264 video online is available for HTML5 playback. That's up from 69 percent only six months prior. If it weren't already clear, MeFeedia notes that H.264 is now the market leader and the industry standard.

H.264's gain comes at the expense of rivals WebM and Ogg Theora. MeFeedia notes that WebM has shown a change of less that 2 percent in the same period, while Ogg Theora hasn't shown even that much change.

The growth of H.264 is now spreading to smaller and mid-size sites, MeFeedia notes. It also sees heavy streaming video use from Amazon Kindle owners, similar to that of iPad owners.

The statistics come from a MeFeedia blog post, which explains that the site surveyed 50 million videos from 30,000 sources, using MeFeedia's video index. H.264's growth is helped by Adobe ceasing mobile development for Flash, the post notes.

MeFeedia's video index includes videos from the site's content partners, including Hulu, CBS, and ABC, as well as clips from sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion.

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