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AdoTube Lets Advertisers Make Changes in Real-Time

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Why wait for the next campaign run to make changes? asks New York-based video advertising agency AdoTube. It's just introduced the Creative Studio Wizard, a real-time creative optimization solution for video ads. With it, advertisers can make tweaks during a campaign to boost an ad's effectiveness. AdoTube has found that simple changes can boost an ad's response rate by 15 to 35 percent.

With the wizard, advertisers can test and re-target advertising creative in real-time, make simple tweaks by varying the creative templates, and make larger changes in the same day using AdoTube's in-house creative team.

To judge where changes are needed, AdoTube's platform offers real-time measurement tools. Advertisers can track not only which creative is working, but for whom, where, and what time of day it's most effective.

"The AdoTube platform's Creative Studio Wizard is a further commitment to help our advertisers put forth the best and most effective in-video advertisement," says Steven Jones, AdoTube's chief strategy and operations officer. "AdoTube understands how important creative can be for in-video advertisements and believes this will allow for true optimization in delivering the most effective messaging to an advertiser's target audience."

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