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Sorenson Media: Executive Palmistry 2014

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The way viewers consume video is forever changed. From the many devices they carry, to the home networks that deliver their content, and the new platforms that provide apps—all have contributed to the disruption of the viewing experience. Viewers crave more content in more places and demand a more seamless entertainment experience. This presents massive opportunities in 2014 to supply high-quality video online, including:

    • Customizable ad delivery: Since the birth of TiVo and the DVR, consumers have gotten used to skipping ads. Because of the enormous impact ad sales have on the traditional TV business model, getting rid of them seems improbable. In order to keep the consumer happy and engaged, streaming services must offer ads that are hyper-targeted to the viewer.
    • Seamless integration: The reason viewers don’t like to watch ads is because they disrupt their experience. If an ad buffers and stalls, the viewer is likely to become even more dissatisfied with the service.
    • Consistency across all platforms: Because content is being delivered faster at higher quality to any and every device, it is important for the viewer to encounter consistent experiences, no matter how they choose to view.
    • The bottom line is, viewers are looking for simplicity. Because a standard way to get content no longer exists, viewer experiences are constantly changing. I believe that we will see a few very strong options emerge, and become the new standard of video consumption across all devices.

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