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Mixmoov: Executive Palmistry 2014

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2013 was in many ways a year of transformation and consolidation for online video and streaming media.

Media in the Cloud is commonplace today, and enterprises are massively using online video content. Main uses include marketing, training and support. Education is another significant segment where online video grew and will continue to do so. All of this has set the ground for an exciting 2014 for players like OVPs, CDNs, Telcos and others in the space.

2014 will see tablets outsell PCs and mobile video proliferate with 4G. As online video consumption increases (no need to cite stats anymore) and video platforms mature, new workflows are emerging. A lot of archived content is being repurposed with broadcast and print media houses leading this. In our experience, a lot of these implementations start on-premise.

These trends and needs have increased the number of prosumers in companies (users who deal with video regularly but are not video professionals). This will only increase in the future.

Companies will definitely require a simple and integrated workflow with the ability to source, edit, manage and publish video content. This will lead to increased collaboration between solution providers at various levels. For example, integrating a frame-?accurate cut tool will become a must-have for all business online video workflows.

Mixmoov is focused in enabling online video editing for these workflows and will respond to the challenges of their constant evolution.

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