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DVEO: Executive Palmistry 2013

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Laszlo Zoltan, Vice President of DVEO, says expensive satellite connections will be replaced by online video, thanks to new error correction technology.
In 2014, advanced IP error correction technology will start to enable public internet to replace many expensive satellite connections.
Distributing video over the internet is considerably less expensive than sending and receiving video over satellite. Until recently, however, online video was not as reliable.

In most regions of the world, public internet infrastructure is not dependable and drops video packets. Public routers don’t prioritize video traffic properly. Pro-MPEG FEC (Forward Error Correction) can help, but it delays video.
IP video traffic shaping technology increases network performance by prioritizing UDP video traffic. Our own proprietary technology “bulldozes” through slow and congested routers and enables smooth video with low delay. It does not alter the internal structure of the transport stream. All content is encrypted between units.

Typically sold in pairs, our DOZERbox IP IP gateways enable IPTV operators, Over The Top (OTT) video providers, and broadcasters to improve video distribution over average quality internet backbones. Customers in the USA use Dozer technology to import video content from Greece, Colombia, and Bangladesh -- with no packet loss or video freezes, and lower latency.
Our newest DOZERbox is just over 4.5 inches wide. It’s also available in a 1RU version—the DOZERbox R—and as a software application to add on to DVEO’s encoders and IP gateways—the Media Dozer: LIC.

In the last year, DVEO’s Video Streaming business has grown by over 50%. We look forward to another year of providing extremely high quality products at very reasonable prices.

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