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DVEO - View From The Top 2016

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Video delivered through IP networks has now surpassed traditional RF-based delivery. While hardly a surprise, there is an underbelly to this irreversible trend: many underserved communities won’t be enjoying the benefits due to poor local IP infrastructure and associated packet loss problems, the enemy of real-time video.

In time critical applications using UDP, e.g. streaming (real-time) video, VoIP and online multiplayer games, packet loss negatively affects the user experience. Networks mixing TCP/IP data and UDP real-time video traffic pose problems for UDP when congested due to TCP/IP’s packet recovery mechanism, which slows down UDP video too when sharing buffers. Video playback suffers due to delayed or lost packets unless a low-latency automatic packet recovery mechanism can correct the situation.

DVEO was recently granted a U.S. patent for its award-winning DOZER™ ARQ (Automatic Repeat reQuest) technology, which guarantees error-free real-time UDP video transmission over congested IP networks, including the Internet, and over long distances. It won the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) Technology Award 2014.

A use case underscoring the power of this automated packet loss recovery technology is an IPTV operator in New Caledonia, a French island territory in the Pacific. The operator imports content from Paris, through multiple IP networks and via undersea cable, covering 14,000 miles! Using DVEO transcoders featuring DOZER ARQ technology, it receives error-free IP video in Noumea, the territory capital.

The DOZER ARQ technology, which differs from competing FEC offers, achieves TCP/IP’s reliability without the overhead, making it ideal for demanding real-time applications like streaming video. It completely changes the value proposition of using the Internet for real-time applications and pays for itself quickly.

DVEO is now inviting prospective licensees of the DOZER ARQ technology, offered as an SDK plus a Permanent License, for integration into all kinds of IP video products.

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