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Conviva - View From The Top 2016

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Conviva’s Multi-Screen QoE Analytics

Conviva, the leader in OTT experience management, has expanded the availability of QoE Ecosystem Analytics that will enable the use of specific video experience statistics for each constituent in a publisher’s OTT video work flow, and will give them visibility into customer experience in the client player. By sharing video experience service analytics provisioned for each constituent (OVP, CDN, ISP, etc), a publisher is ensuring that all their vendors are able to act and respond in the shortest period of time to any issues that might arise across the ecosystem work flow. 

“Giving visibility to all constituents will not only remove the burden from the publisher, but will reduce time to resolution and consequent impact of any issues as soon as, or even before, they are visible to the consumer viewing the video for both live and on-demand content,” said Dr. Hui Zhang, CEO of Conviva.

Conviva QoE Analytics will enable streaming video product and service providers to adopt data-driven best practices resulting in improved consumer viewing experiences. These experience statistics will be made available by region, platform type, content type, and many others. It will also be possible to correlate these experience metrics with engagement statistics such as viewing time, minutes/device, and others for more detailed analysis and prioritization of issue resolution.

This complements the current effort with the SVA and CTA to provide consistent metrics to ensure a standard way to report and measure video quality of experience. We believe that both these proposed standards and access to QoE analytics will enable all constituents in the production, serving, distribution, and playing of streaming video to deliver the highest quality viewing experience possible for the consumer in the Internet today and tomorrow.

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