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Video: What 360 Streaming Can Deliver That Other Media Can't

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Edwin Rogers: Some people think 360 video is gimmicky, but I believe can also add an extremely engaging experience. To change this perception, the quality needs to rise.

I did a three hour live stream of the Women's March, for example, right after the inauguration, that had 3.5 million views on Facebook alone. There were 20,000 people sharing it. The comments were explosive. I was literally under the stage there, watching this all happen.

Afterwards, people told me, “I felt like I was looking at a window into something that's happening right then and there. But, I could also control the camera, and pick what vantage point, and look at different things.”

I think that one of the weaknesses of 360, is that you watch it for five minutes, and you're like, “Okay, Eiffel Tower, I saw that. I did VR. I can check that off my bucket list.” That's the way people think.

But what we're developing is a tool to have live two-way conversations. It's not like you're engaging with a one-to-many, but a one-to-one in a way that you are literally in a room in Paris, while you're in New York. Being in two places in the same time--there is no other medium that makes that possible in a visceral way.

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