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Is it Critical for a CDN to Have Its Own Backbone?

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Pete Mastin: How important is it for a content delivery network to have its own backbone? Some do, some don't; clearly, you guys find it an advantage. Is the ingress the primary advantage, or are there other advantages?

Rob Coluantoni: Yeah, it's interesting that the content delivery networks, we all kind of started with our own individual architectures and now you can see we kind of move towards each other's architectures a little bit. So, Limelight was known as being was known as being an architecture where we were built primarily with a strong backbone interconnect, historically. And then what we did is we just had a major deal with Ericsson UDN where we took over Ericsson UDN. And that is positioning us in smaller nodes inside of the end-user networks, mobile networks, and the last-mile networks. So I think what you'll see in the CDN industry in general is from the perspective of where we started, we're all kind of moving towards each other's, into each other's realms. But, for us, we leverage our backbone in that, you know, we're going to drag as much of that content over our private backbone, because we have control over it. I can't control, once a bit leaves my network, I can't control it. So, so the game is to have as short a distance between the client encoder and my ingress and a shorter distance from my network to the eyeball networks.

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