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How Conviva Facilitates Better Streaming Ad-Buying

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Shuo Tian: At Conviva, we are providing all these real-time data points to publishers. So we have our SDK deployed in publishers' apps across all the platforms. And we have the SDK running second by second. So we tell publishers, is there any video quality issue, or is there any latency issue when you are loading the ad?

So that's what we've been providing for the last 14 years, and with the new Advertising Insights, we have these trillions of data points we collect every day. So we can actually help publishers build a lot of features for advertising, help publishers understand what is your reach--deep, duplicated reach across these platforms. I know that's a big challenge mentioned by many people just now. There is no consistent data being passed through these different CTV platforms or CTV devices, but we have a single sensor deployed so we can help publishers understand what is the overall de-duplicated reach across all your brands, across all your devices and platforms. And when we can then overlay a lot of measurement, like, "What is your audience right for each household, for each device? What kind of device is that? What kind of audience household is that? How many people are living in that household? What's their audience composition? What's their income?"

This is very important information for publishers and sales teams, when they're trying to package their media plans, and also important for buy side as well. So we are there to facilitate better buying for the whole streaming industry.

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