Schools and Colleges Are Learning from Online Video

"I would lose my head if we stopped recording lectures," said Russ Scaduto, director of education technology for Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

While streaming video in higher education might seem like a new thing, it's already a must-have.

"The students really, really depend on it, and we publish [lectures] immediately; it's all automated. If it's not published within 15 minutes-for some reason that it's not actually pushed from the recorder to the server-they're sending email," he added. "It is mission-critical."

Video is having a huge impact on education for both younger and older students, and that impact can be felt academically, socially, and financially. This panel from Streaming Media East explores them all.

"In a few years [students are] going to be coming to us and they're going to be expecting video, and that might be a challenge more to the faculty member who wants to stand in front of a lecture hall and present...Their audience grew up being able to watch that lecture whenever they want to, or re-watch it or a segment of it," said Gary Powell, tech coordinator for the University of Toledo.

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The Future of Video In Education

In the face of the rich-media revolution, educational institutions are using video in every aspect of campus life, from lecture capture to distance education, campus websites, libraries and preservation, digital asset management, clubs and events, and more. The challenge is finding media solutions that are agile, scalable, and cost effective. This panel will discuss best practices for integrating video and rich-media solutions into higher education institutions, presented by top universities that are leading the charge with integrated media strategies for viewers both on and off campus.

Moderator: Sean Brown, VP, Higher Education, Sonic Foundry
Speaker: Chris Bellerjeau, CTS, Columbia Business School, ITG
Speaker: Rob Lippincott, SVP, Education, PBS
Speaker: Russ Scaduto, Director, Education Technology, Penn State Hershey Medical Center
Speaker: Michael DeMeo, Director, Academic Media Services, New York Law School
Speaker: Gary Powell, Tech Coordinator, University Of Toledo

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