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NAB Report: Brightcove Debuts End-to-End Paywall Solution

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Getting up and running quickly is a problem for some newer Brightcove customers, says Eric Elia, the company's vice president of TV solutions. While previous premium content owners needed limited help from Brightcove in delivering video content to online viewers, Brightcove is now seeing more companies in younger markets that have rights to premium content, but need a full end-to-end solution to deliver and monetize it.

That's why Brightcove has partnered with PayWizard (in the U.K.) and TinyPass (in the U.S.) to create a paywall solution that offers pay-per-view, subscription, and eWallet plans. Called the Paywall Solution Framework, it was built to integrate with a variety of different systems. Brightcove chose to partner with experts in paywall solutions rather than try to build its own offering, Elia notes. It will likely add other partners in the future.

In a related announcement, Brightcove is also now offering expanding support for Google Widevine digital rights management (DRM), as it's now a Certified Widevine Implementation Partner. Previous to this, Brightcove offered playback of Widevine content for online streaming. Now, it's offering far more robust support, including ingestion, encoding, management, delivery, playback and encryption for Widevine. Customers don't have to figure out ingesting and encoding on their own anymore, notes Elia. Combining this with the new paywall options means customers can create an end-to-end video service with security appropriate to the device, he adds. Brightcove also supports Adobe Flash Access DRM and Apple HTTP Live Streaming encryption.

Finally, Brightcove is offering resources for content owner eyeing smart TV distribution with a variety of smart TV reference apps. After working with Roku, Panasonic, and LG, Brightcove is now offering sample apps for those platforms that let publishers customize and launch in days versus the weeks or months required for a home-grown solution. Brightcove will be showing off the apps at its NAB booth. They work with paywall offerings and include the option to let viewers pay for content on a smartphone, then watch it on a TV. Brightcove has seen a surge of interest this year in smart TV streaming, Elia notes.

"We're really excited with what we're showing at NAB," says Elia. "These announcements and what they represent enable content owners and aggregators to quickly and easily bring high-quality premium online video experiences to market across multiple screens, and to do that securely and following many of today's best practices."

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