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Measuring New Media's Impact on News and Entertainment

While plenty of shows, newspapers, and magazines were crushed by the onslaught of new media, that's not the case for many destinations. Some members of the "old media" learned quickly how to adapt and even thrive with the challenges and opportunities now available.

In a Streaming Media East panel discussion entitled "How Old Media Is Embracing Online Video and New Media," four veterans of both old and new media discussed news ways of working. Digital media requires new workflows and an emphasis on social media to connect with readers and fans.

News organizations now have to see bloggers as content partners. Mark Lukasiewicz, vice president for NBC News Specials and Digital Media, showed off an online tool that NBC offers bloggers, letting them embed exactly the portions of video that they want on their blogs.

"What we've done is created a tool to say to bloggers, 'You want to blog about what Hillary Clinton said on Meet the Press. We're giving you a tool to embed it in your blog, to find exactly the content you want, to create the content exactly the way you want to create it.' We're enabling that activity for bloggers. We get the ad revenue when it's embedded on their site; they get the content that they want," Lukasiewicz said.

"That's something television producers didn't have to think about 15 years ago, but we absolutely have to think about now, which is if our media our quality content - that's what we take pride in, that we're video storytellers, we know how to tell these stories in video - if we want that content to be where people are watching video, we have to provide it in ways that are useful to what those folks are doing," he added.

Scroll down to view a video of the entire discussion.

How Old Media Is Embracing Online Video and New Media

This session discusses how converging media technologies are redefining traditional distribution methods; how interactive and on-demand services are changing; and how entertainment and news video is being consumed. Come hear from some of the leading publishers, broadcasters, and advertisers about the impact that video and new media is having upon their business models.

Moderator: Jose Castillo, President, thinkjose
Speaker: Sean McMann, VP, Strategice Accounts Amercias, KIT digital
Speaker: Aimee Viles, VP, New Media, Bravo
Speaker: Michael Dunn, CTO, Hearst Interactive Media
Speaker: Mark Lukasiewicz, VP, NBC News Specials and Digital Media

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