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Limelight Launches Orchestrate, Platform for B2B Video Marketing

Marketing with online video can quickly consume a person's week. With many platforms to keep fresh and many videos to upload, online video marketing quickly becomes a demanding chore. To help out, Limelight Networks has just released Orchestrate for B2B Marketing.

The idea behind Orchestrate for B2B Marketing is to let marketers quickly publish their digital assets to a variety of channels, so that they can keep customers and partners engaged, improve conversion rates, and built customer relationships. Plus, they can do all this while lowering their total costs.

Putting video on a website isn't enough anymore, many companies are finding. Instead, their marketing teams need to reach mobile viewers, send email blasts, tie in with social media accounts, and measure overall effectiveness with comprehensive analytics. That's the kind of complete option Limelight aims to provide.

The Orchestrate solution works with online and mobile channels. Added in are web and mobile acceleration tools for speedy viewing, personalization and targeting tools, social media features, and search engine optimization. Limelight calls it an end-to-end solution for anyone working in business-to-business marketing.

"In a B2B company, the window of opportunity to engage prospective customers is shrinking," says Audrey Sarsfield, marketing director for Absorption Systems. "It's vitally important that we deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. Limelight's website personalization capabilities allow us to identify a prospect's interests and more effectively engage, qualify, and nurture them through targeted content."

B2B image via Shutterstock.

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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