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How to Win Over TV Ad Buyers with Online Video

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There's a lot of money in TV advertising, and online video-makers are looking for their share. But before they can claim it, they'll need to speak the language of TV advertisers and know what those advertisers are looking for.

That was goal of a first day Streaming Media East panel entitled Winning with Ad Buyers: What Makes Your Video Inventory Valuable? The panel was moderated by Teg Grenager of Adap.tv.

Representing the brands was Gina Smilanski, who works as the digital strategy director within the Procter & Gamble communications planning group at Carat.

"I do think that they're spending a lot in video and they're going to continue spending a lot in video," she said, speaking of consumer packaged goods makers. "But for them, it really is to displace erosion in viewership on TV. So for them, it's really going to be about awareness and reach metrics. At the end of the day, we also do want to tie it back to some kind of sales goal."

Before ad buyers can commit to online video, they'll need to get over some of their concerns, she said. They're concerned they won't get the same reach as with TV or that they won't be able to advertise on the same premium video content.

For more ways to appeal to advertisers, view the entire discussion:

Winning With Ad Buyers: What Makes Your Video Inventory Valuable?

Ad buyers have different criteria for assessing "valuable" inventory when it comes to online video. But is it tied to the perceived value of the brand behind the content, or is it just how well the content performs that determines value? If the latter, how does each ad buyer measure performance of online video campaigns? In this session, you'll hear from real ad buyers about what online video publishers can do to maximize the success of campaigns and thus the value of their inventory to advertisers.

Moderator: Teg Grenager, Co-Founder, VP, Product, Adap.tv
Speaker: Yaniv Axen, Co-Founder, CTO, SundaySky
Speaker: John Nitti, SVP, Managing Director, Integrated Planning, Zenith Media
Speaker: Gina Smilansky, Director, Digital Strategy, Aegis Media 

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