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How to Use Flash to Simplify Multi-device Video Delivery

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We're heading into an HTML5 world, and Flash can not only help you meet the challenges, but simplify your workflow. That was the message of a Streaming Media East panel led by Kevin Towes, the product manager for Flash Media Server at Adobe. Even if you're targeting Apple iOS devices, the audience learned, Flash is still a strong choice.

"When you think about consistency and video, those are two real big challenges to solve in and amongst themselves, given that the world is changing so dramatically, so quickly, Literally three years ago we saw the world's first tablet; netbooks have been around; now we're seeing an array of tablets from a variety of different manufacturers with different operating systems, and it's not going to stop, right?" Towes said in introduction.

"So we're in a world right now that's in flux, and so what we need is technology that allows us to use video in a way that can work across all these devices that doesn't cost you a fortune to develop, to produce, and to deliver. And so what we're trying to think about at Adobe is how we can help you make that giant leap forward," he added.

Download Towes's presentation, then scroll down to view the entire video.

Simplifying Video Publishing to the Multi-Device Landscape

This session will help you understand how the Adobe Flash Platform supports top-quality video delivery with reduced publishing complexity. Specifics about delivering protected video using Flash Media Server will be demonstrated to devices such as the Apple iPad 2, the Motorola Xoom tablet and Atrix smartphone, as well as to browsers supporting the HTML5 video tag. Additional discussion points will include targeting devices like set-top boxes and internet-enabled TVs.

Speaker: Kevin Towes, Product Manager, Flash Media Server, Adobe

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