How Cornell, Yale, MIT, and University of Chicago Stream Video

While the bulk of the "Video Platform Deployment in Higher Education" panel discussion at the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City focused on college and university use cases, the first audience question was about K-12 use. How, the audience member wanted to know, do you prevent students from saving online videos, editing them, and using them for cyberbullying?

"With our case, parking our media content within a learning management system helped mitigate some of that," offered Paul Lawrence, director of CMI2 and shared academic solutions at Yale. "We have terms of use, which I'm not sure your K-12 students necessarily would care as they're clicking through. I'll defer to my colleagues here, but I think to some extent it's almost impossible to prevent this. There are ways of scraping video in many different ways. I think it really comes from -- especially in K-12 -- education, and how do you use media: the right way and the wrong way. From a technology standpoint I'm just not sure you can really, really prevent that. I don't think there's anything out there."

While any online video can be captured, Joe Deck, CTO for Our Lady of the Lake University, suggested roadblocks.

"You're not going to be able to stop it completely," noted Deck. "What we do is we stream it, so we actually store the files on a Wowza server, which they can't access, or a Windows Media server. For those kinds of things, they have to go through [Cisco] Show and Share, which streams it down. They could grab it and do something with it, but it's not easy for them to do that. I don't know how many students could do that at that level."

For more on using streamed video at all educational levels, watch the full discussion below.

Video Platform Deployment In Higher Education

Join Cornell University and other institutions to discuss the deployment of cross-campus video platforms in the decentralized governance model of higher education. Learn what peer institutions are doing to document use cases, gain buy-in from potential stakeholders, and structure delegated administration and support.

Moderator: Andy Page, Manager, Video Collaboration Services, Cornell University
Speaker: Paul Lawrence, Director, CMI2 and Shared Academic Solutions, Yale
Speaker: Kris Brewer, TechTV Webmaster & Community Liaison, MIT
Speaker: Gary Powell, Tech Coordinator, University Of Toledo
Speaker: Joe Deck, CTO, Our Lady of the Lake University
Speaker: Ifeanyi Okonma, Team Lead, Media and AV Services, University of Chicago

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