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Dell Outlines Content Delivery Solutions in Keynote Address

When Laurie Hutto-Hill, assistant vice president and general manager for telecommunications media and entertainment at Dell, took the stage at the recent Content Delivery Summit in New York City, she had an important message about Dell's embrace of open standards and disruptive technology, as well as the solutions Dell can bring to the content delivery market. But first, she had to clear something up:

"We are more than laptops," said Hutto-Hill. "Yes, we have a fantastic laptop out right now, but that is not why I'm here. I'm here to talk about -- really the Dell story today is all about solutions, and solutions that are empowering our customers in a much more deep and meaningful way. In a lot of cases, in a very customized way.

"Really, it's all about innovation, it's about the way in which Michael Dell started this company was innovating out of his dorm room. Well, that hasn't stopped, and we're really making this industry in a lot of ways that I'm not sure that we get a lot of credit for. So when you think about cloud, and even Amazon as they spoke before, I was very excited to be able to come on after that. I mean, Dell actually was the grandfather of cloud from an infrastructure standpoint. We are the number one infrastructure provider for cloud today, and we started our task around powering over-the-top providers because we believe the way of the future is innovation, openness, and -- sorry for those of you in here who have proprietary stacks of software, but we believe non-proprietary is the way to go, because you have to be nimble, you have to be ready in which to tackle innovation in a way in which we've never had to do it in the past. "

That cleared up, Hutto-Hill went on to talk about the solutions Dell offers and the trusted partners it works with for content delivery. Scroll down to watch the full address, then download her presentation.


Laurie Hutto-Hill is the Area Vice President and General Manager of Dell's Global Telecommunications Media and Entertainment industry business unit. In this role she globally leads the customer facing market strategy for providing industry relevant solutions and innovation to the telecommunication media and entertainment customers.

Laurie Hutto-Hill, AVP, GM, Telecommunications Media & Entertainment, Dell

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