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Brightcove Hits Right Notes with Frequent Updates

Online video platform Brightcove is moving to a rapid-response system, where it releases updates every month. It's a smart way to stay on top of an industry where client expectations continue to rise and competition remains stron.

Adaptive Encoding Engine
Brightcove's big new feature is its improved Adaptive Encoding Engine. Clients will now enjoy better video quality, two-pass encoding, and non-square pixel correction (which ensures that widescreen video doesn't come out squished). The engine can now detect and match a source video's frame rate, eliminating audio synchronization problems, and can correct video captured sideways (which often happens accidentally when shooting with a smartphone or pocket video camera).

"Our customers are incredibly passionate about video quality. We've packed a number of innovations into our new Adaptive Encoding Engine, which our entire customer base will be able to take advantage of starting today," says Jeff Whatcott, senior vice president of marketing at Brightcove.

Custom Themes
The developers at Brightcove have made it simpler for designers to create custom themes for their Brightcove players. Clients will still use the Brightcove Experience Markup Language (BEML) to create themes, but working with BEML has been simplified with this second-generation release. Designers who know basic Flash but don't know Actionscript will be able to work with it after viewing a tutorial.

Smart Geographic Uploading
Brightcove's primary data center is in Massachusetts, and until now far away clients have found that uploading could be slow. A new feature called Geo-Optimized Uploads detects the origin of uploads and routes remote clients to the data center nearest them. The company reports that upload times are now 65 percent faster on average.

"We're excited about the product innovations we've rolled out today. We're on an incredibly fast development cycle that brings new features and enhancements to market every 30 days," says Whatcott.

For more on the announcements, check out Brightcove's blog post, which includes video comparisons.

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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