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Bitcentral Goes Beyond the Newsroom with Video Solution

With its Precis, Oasis, and Create tools, Bitcentral is known in newsrooms for making video production easy and streamlined. But now Bitcentral has combined those tools and added a few others in a new platform called Core, and Core is for more that just newsroom use.

First a bit about the tools that Bitcentral already offered: Precis is a news production system that moves stories from the field to the viewer. It ties in with a newsroom's computer system and can add metadata to clips. Oasis is an asset management tool that includes archiving and disaster recovery tools. Create is a rough cut editor. It's not meant to replace professional editors. Rather, reporters in the field use it to create a rough before sending video files to their editors.

With Core, Bitcentral is bundling those three into a single unified interface. Users can log in once to work with all three tools. Team members from anywhere in the world can log in to work with any of the stored assets. Core adds a unified search tool and an asset management tool for work in progress.

By bundling and enhancing its tools, Bitcentral has created a system that goes beyond the newsroom. For example, a brand could use it to store corporate videos, then distribute them to all locations for training. When local offices have their own videos to share, they can upload them into Core so that other locations can download them. Users can upload videos from a smartphone.

Core launched days ago at the NAB conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pricing is extremely variable, since it depends on decisions such as how many servers the customer needs or which of the two possible media encoders the customer chooses, but it's in the six-figure range.

Troy Dreier's article first appeared on OnlineVideo.net

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