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1 Beyond, Inc. - View From The Top 2016

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I’ve always been a maverick. I enjoy introducing Disruptive Technology that changes everything. Our modus operandi at 1 Beyond has been: look over the horizon, anticipate what’s about to happen and invent products to help customers get there. Over the past 20 years we’ve done this with the first digital video editing systems, self-contained data wrangling, low cost Petabyte storage and the largest selection of LTO archive products. Now we’re doing the same with our streaming, recording and conferencing products.

It’s no secret that streaming video is the future of communications. It’s how we’re consuming our news and entertainment and how corporations are communicating, people are meeting and students are learning. So the question now is how to provide the tools to make this easier, more affordable and up to the high standards the public has come to expect. With Facebook LIVE, Skype, Zoom, YouTube… the “pipes” are there. What 1 Beyond offers are the cameras and systems to feed these “pipes”.

We started by introducing the StreamMachine™, the first all-in-one professional switcher/encoder/recorder for under $5000… now with more capability under $4000. We followed that with a line of HD-SDI cameras at a fraction of the cost of existing broadcast cameras.

We now see the future: to cut costs, reduce personnel requirements and simplify operation, customers want more automation. We are already shipping the next set of break-through products: the AutoTracker™ cameras and Automate RCS™ and Collaborate AVS™ systems. These solutions give the audience the experience of a manned production but without personnel: automatic video switching triggered by microphone inputs, calendar-scheduled multi-camera recordings and a PTZ camera that automatically follows a speaker. All are at prices that enable companies large and small, schools, churches and others to expand their communication with streaming video.

Hello future, this is 1 Beyond calling.

1 Beyond, Inc.
529 Main St. Ste 109
Boston, MA 02129


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