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MAXIMISING YOUR ASSETS:  Video now represents more than 60% of global data. Preserving, protecting and monetising your precious media is what it’s all about. How do you encourage consumption but still maintain full control; how do you leverage that content so that it works best for you and maximises your revenues?

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First impressions matter. How you enter a room is everything, and it’s the same for your video. You could have the best encoding and transcoding gear in the world and top-notch content, but if your road to the viewer has rocks in the path, it’s all for nothing. Delivery is complex. There are critical steps and checkpoints that you need to consider, no matter what your video is and who it’s for. With the help of leading companies, we’ll take a look at strategies and tools to ensure the delivery of your video is as good as the content itself. If you want your video to be consumed, you need to consider what’s being discussed in this Superguide.

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As this latest DASH Superguide goes to print, the MPEG-DASH third edition is being finalized, and we expect the specification to be published in early 2017.

Key areas addressed include latency reduction, support for next generation immersive audio, reliability and fault tolerance, MPD chaining and virtual partitioning.

For anyone in the video industry, this is another must read installment in the DASH story.

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There’s more to delivering premium content than simply setting up a Roku channel. In addition to making sure you have great content, quality of experience and quality of service are both essential to developing and retaining an audience, whether it be subscription or ad-supported. The bottom line is, if it doesn’t load fast and look great, you’ll be updating your resume.

This Superguide delves deep into the technical and business challenges that you are facing, whether you realize it or not. We consider this installation mandatory reading for everyone working in the fastest-changing aspect of online video today. The solutions you’ll find in this Superguide are the ones to pay attention to.

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Whether it’s a companywide meeting or new employee training, streaming it over your internal network saves on time, travel costs, and resources. These days, organizations are looking to support the complete live and on-demand video workflow, including content creation, distribution, management, and reporting. As many of these initiatives are now enterprise-wide, one of the critical questions facing organizations is whether to deploy on-premises, cloud/SAAS, or hybrid.

In attempts to facilitate new modes of teaching, including online and flipped classrooms, the behind-the-scenes process of building a course has rapidly changed. On-demand video portals, recording studios, and web conference sessions are working their way into many universities, and K–12 online video usage is growing, in addition to special needs and ESL programs.

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OTT is not going away, no matter what anyone tells you. It is, however, becoming extremely complicated. Every company under the sun says they can do it, but the reality is, they can’t. That’s where this Superguide comes in. You’ll learn from the experts who live, eat, and breathe this stuff. Want your strategy to deliver? The Advanced OTT Solutions Superguide is a must-read. In fact, your job just may depend on it.

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Premium content requires protection. But how can you achieve this without compromising QoE/QoS, or creating unwanted barriers? How can you ensure that your chosen solutions work seamlessly on every platform, player, device, browser, server, and operating system? How can you integrate your content protection into your analytics and monetisation? This is the Superguide that addresses these important questions, and ensures that you’re using the right tools and the right companies to protect and monetize your content in the way that it deserves. 

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Encoding lies at the heart of the online video business. Each year brings new formats, new codecs, and new ways to squeeze greater efficiency and higher quality out of your encoding workflow. So how do you stay on top of the latest developments? Check out the Advanced Encoding & Formats Superguide, which includes deep dives into everything from encoding hardware and software to optimizing quality, as well as a deep dive into HEVC.

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Live event streaming is on fire, but with so many moving parts, you need in-depth guidance on planning, workflow, and execution. This Superguide is designed as the ultimate 2016 reference for how to professionally stream a live event, featuring some of the best companies that make it happen.