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Dan Rayburn
Streaming Media
Ron Yekutiel
Chairman and CEO
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Gannon Hall
EVP Global Marketing
KIT digital
AJ McGowan
Unicorn Media

Video workflows have become greatly refined over the years, thanks in large part to online video platform providers. But with mobile devices and more interactive video experiences taking hold, content publishers are now looking at new ways to simplify the creation, control, management, monetization and publishing of online video. Followed by an interactive question and answer session, this half-hour Q&A will be devoted to answer your questions.

Please join Kaltura, Kit Digital, and Unicorn Media to learn more about:

  • ways to integrate video into your existing systems and workflows
  • developing an effective mobile and device strategy for video
  • ways to use video content to drive both internal and external results
  • how to create social and interactive mobile video experiences
  • the limitations and opportunities of video advertising in the mobile world
  • tips and tricks for simplifying the content publishing workflow

Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!