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Making Transparent Caching a Reality

Telcos, mobile and cable operators face increasing costs of bandwidth delivery needed to meet the demand for online video and a quality viewing experience, while being forced to invest heavily into maintaining their network infrastructure. As a result, a growing number of operators are turning to transparent caching solutions to reduce the adverse impact of OTT video traffic in their environment.

Several vendors have developed various technologies to address the video traffic challenges. But, as analysts, have observed, some solutions are more adept than others.

Join us for an informative and entertaining webinar in which our speakers will discuss the video caching issues that matter, as well as looking at some of the solutions available in the marketplace. Along the way you'll also learn about what makes Qwilt’s own Universal Video Delivery technology tick.

During this 60-minute webinar you will...

  • Learn about why transparent caching is rapidly being adopted amongst operators worldwide
  • Understand different caching network architectures and their impact on operator networks
  • Hear which technology considerations matter the most
Dan Rayburn
Streaming Media
Dan Sahar
Co-Founder and VP Marketing