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Understanding The Business & Technical Challenges of MPEG-DASH

Dynamic streaming over HTTP using four key profiles, as addressed by MPEG, the standards body: ISO Live, ISO ON Demand, and MPEG-2 TS (Simple and Main). Will royalties play a role? Will all browsers embrace? With more sites embracing HTML5, just how much push for adoption will we see?


Join Telestream, Sovee, Sorenson Media and RealNetworks in an interactive webinar and learn about:

  • MPEG DASH transcoding for adaptive bit rate applications
  • Optimizing image quality: bit-rate, resolution and video processing
  • Factors to consider when making a stream selection
  • Dealing with large files when a single video stream has multiple language streams.
  • Sharing segmented files using manifests of differing standards
Full Q&A session in which your questions will be addressed.
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Dan Rayburn
Streaming Media
Jim Duval
Director of New Product Strategy
Christopher Klapp
Systems Architect
Randon Morford
Director of Product Management
Sorenson Media
Bill Schneider
Director Product Management Helix