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Maximize Video-Related Revenue with DivX
WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 10, 2012 10am PT / 1pm ET

Featuring highlights from a major survey on video streaming preferences.

What do consumers want in an online viewing experience? What challenges do they face, and what devices do they prefer for viewing? What features do OTT service providers wish they could offer? The answers to these questions can help you maximize profits as a video content producer or distributor, and you’ll get them in a complimentary Rovi webinar on October 10th at 10am PDT. Register now.

Join us for a complimentary
Rovi webinar

Wednesday, October 10th at 10am PT
Complimentary White Paper by panelist Jan Ozer Available for immediate download after the event

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Over 4,000 respondents share their perspectives on over-the-top video consumption.

The webinar will share results from a broad survey that identifies where consumers most enjoy watching their videos, the features they want, and what they find lacking in their current streaming experience. A parallel survey tracks the offerings of OTT service providers. After the event, you’ll have the opportunity to download a white paper with deeper findings.

You’ll also get a fast briefing on Rovi’s DivX technology including DivX Plus Streaming (DPS) - a high-quality adaptive streaming solution with DRM, that’s been accepted by most major content providers, that provides advanced Blu-ray-like streaming features. And you’ll learn how you can integrate DivX features into your existing or new over-the-top delivery service using the DivX Video Service. Register now.

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