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Yuvad Technologies
2033 Gateway Place, Suite 500
San Jose CA 95110

Phone: 408-556-9716
Fax: 408-519-6483
Web site:

Yuvad Technologies is leading provider of encoding, transcoding and advanced advertising solutions for multi-screen media deliveries. Yuvad redefines how high quality video encoding is done with its flat-ship CES family of products. With its highest video encoding efficiencies in the industry, the CES products support video deliveries in all popular formats, from mobile resolution to HD resolution. The CES products support real-time/on-line encoding and file-based/off-line processing of media files. Fully integrated with the Yuvad multi-screen solution is our revolutionary content-aware advertising solution.

Product Description

The Yuvad solution allows multi-screen video service providers to offer pristine quality video content at the lowest bit rate possible. CES has build-in support for local text/graphics overlay that is frame-precise, correlated and localized. The local overlay processing is based on the Yuvad patent-pending video fingerprint technologies. All advertising and encoding functions are integrated into a single platform.

The CES products can also be clustered to support hundreds of video channels/streams, and tens of thousands of media files. With its fault-tolerant and scalable architecture, customers can perform real-time or file-based media transcoding and advertising from a farm of CES node clusters.

The CES fully integrates its breakthrough advertising capability to allow customers to provide completely localized, frame-synchronized and content-aware local advertising. With CES advertising feature, local advertising and national advertising can be seamlessly combined into a fully localized version of the national campaign. There no more need for separate encoding/transcoding, splicer, video ad server and video processing from different vendors.

Yuvad solutions have been deployed widely in China, South-east Asia, Africa, North and South Americas and Europe.

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OTT VideoVideo AdvertisingVideo Encoding/TranscodingEnterprise Video
Media/Entertainment VideoOnline Video Industry
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