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4790 Irvine Blvd
STE 105-149

Irvine CA 92620
United States

Phone: 949 681 6788 ext. 100
Web site:

WineSOFT is an innovative software house focusing on internet infrastructure solutions. Based in Seoul and Irvine, the founding team has been working with high-speed internet infrastructure in South Korea for over a decade. Their knowledge is based on the expertise of TCP/IP, VPN, SSL, peer-to-peer, mobile browser, and live streaming solutions. The venture started as a bootstrap start-up in 2010 by focusing on making the internet faster and more powerful.

Product Description

STON EDGE SERVER and STON MEDIA SERVER is a highly performative reverse proxy server software, improving content delivery quality, offloading system backends and saving costs. E-commerce, enterprise, media and the gaming inudstry may all benefit.


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Mobile VideoVideo AdvertisingVideo Hosting/Delivery
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