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507 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: +61 02 8007 6200
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The leader in enterprise video solutions across Asia Pacific, Viostream is uniquely positioned to support secure live and on-demand streaming for government and corporate organisations in the region.  

Viostream’s world-class cloud video platform is designed around the needs of communication, marketing and learning teams to drive meaningful engagement across your organisation.

Our end-to-end solution simplifies the sourcing, hosting and management of streaming video, giving you the ability to engage audiences with efficient video delivery inside or outside your corporate network and enterprise compliant security features.

Product Description

Viostream is a secure cloud platform that simplifies the sourcing, management and distribution of live and recorded video.

With Viostream you can capture live or recorded video from almost any device, video or web conferencing application, store it securely in the cloud and make it easy for your authenticated audience to access your video library or view natively in your enterprise applications.

As your video library grows, categorisation and searchable video dialogue makes it easy for your audience to find the content they're looking for, and detailed analytics help you understand how effectively messages are getting through. 

Viostream integrates with a large number of enterprise applications incliding intranets, CMS platforms and Learning Management Systems to video-enable your communicaton channels and create high value knowledge resources.

An enterprise grade solution, Viostream enables efficient delivery of large scale live and on-demand streaming inside or outside the corporate network, ensuring a high quality user experience while minimising IT impact. 

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