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Vimond Media Solutions AS
Nostegaten 72
Bergen Hordaland 5011

Phone: 0047 97602236
Web site:
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Multiscreen TV is more of an art than a science. We deliver the Platform, Applications, Professional Services and Strategic Consulting to help you attract, retain and monetize an online audience.

At Vimond Media Solutions we understand firsthand the particular challenges in distributing live and on-demand programming across devices, and we developed our online media platform to target those advanced and complex needs.

We focus on what we do best: building a solid online video platform and a powerful video management system to help ensure our customers' financial success. Our main goal is to make the complex easy.

The platform's ability to distribute anywhere, along with its DRM and solid purchase solutions, have made Vimond Media Solutions the preferred partner in the online video space in the Nordics and is now gaining traction worldwide.

Product Description

Vimond Media Platform 

With the Vimond Media Platform, you decide which tools comprise your perfect workflow and then select engines accordingly. Based on your business type, we’ll help you choose the feature sets that work on top of each engine.

The platform is designed to have boundaries between different function sets for different customers, making it customizable by customer. It’s also totally pluggable, so you can choose the engines you need now, and plug in others later. Third-party compatibility ensures that, if you already have a system that serves the same function as one of the Vimond engines, you can simply connect the Vimond Media Platform to your existing system.

Vimond is already integrated with some third parties. For the rest, you can either use our APIs to integrate with your systems, or we can handle the integration for you using third-party APIs. The ability to integrate with third-party systems also has the added benefit of expanding an engine’s features even further.

Key features:

  • Java-based system
  • Works with almost any format and device
  • Independent engines
  • Support for wide variety of business and technical scenarios
  • Automatic and seamless workflow from one engine to the next
  • More features continually in development
  • Integration with different adaptors

Vimond Control Center

The Vimond Control Center(VCC) enables TV-Everywhere experiences through the most efficient, easy and powerful workflow management system- Its the content editors’ workspace, focusing on accessibility; fail-safe video ingest; effective metadata handling; and rule-based, platform-differentiated publishing. 

VCC is a new way of working. Building on the powerful Vimond Media Platform, the VCC is an intuitive system that lets content editors, product managers and customer-support staff efficiently manage their online video workflows in one unified user interface. A whole editorial desk of users may work on assets simultaneously without fearing that other users might overwrite their changes. Live and on-demand video sources are controlled from within our system - all in the same interface.

Unlike typical OVP solutions, VCC focuses on multi-screen deployment, OTT production workflow, speed and integration. We’ve added powerful features that address these challenges and easily make VCC the most complete online TV tool on the market today.

 Key features:

  • A pure HTML5 interface to ensure browser accessibility and cross-browser compatibility
  • Real-time updates for maximum confidence
  • Modular design
  • Customized workflows
  • Encoder control directly from the interface
  • Chaptering and dynamic timeline events-handling
  • Differential publishing across the screens with DRM and archiving


Learn how at or contact us at

Online Resources
  • Vimond Platform
    Five engines represent the technology behind the Vimond Media Platform. The engines are specially designed to cover all your needs, from managing content, to automating workflow, to controlling distribution seamlessly - all so that you can give your viewers the best online video services across all screens.
  • Vimond Experience
    Designed to make content-browsing simple, Vimond applications are easy to use and easy to deploy. Our knowledge of how to use advanced technology -- such as HDS, HLS, Smooth Streaming and Widevine -- ensures great video quality across the screens. Our purchase models are flexible and let you monetize on ads, pay-per-view, subscriptions, or even all methods at the same time.
  • Vimond Control Center
    Unlike typical OVP solutions, VCC focuses on multi-screen deployment, OTT production workflow, speed and integration. We’ve added powerful features that address these challenges and easily make VCC the most complete online TV tool on the market today.
  • Vimond Professional Services
    Our teams work closely with our customers to determine how they can gain and retain a strong position in selected market segments, decide on the most suitable solutions for the given market, and figure out the best way to deliver those solutions.
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