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Unicorn Media
24 W. 5th Street
Tempe AZ 85281
United States

Phone: 480-214-6464
Fax: 480-214-4890
Web site:

Unicorn Media is the leading provider of Internet video solutions that enable companies to maximize IP video profitability. The company's patented technology, Unicorn OnceTM, allows customers to ingest video content one time and deliver it to every Internet-connected device via a single URL. Content owners can monetize their content on any device by dynamically inserting targeted ads and analyzing content and ad performance in real-time on every platform, allowing for on-the-fly changes to maximize profitability.

Product Description

Unicorn Once™ is a patented technology that enables publishers to ingest their content one time and receive one URL that plays out on every Internet-connected device. Targeted ads are inserted dynamically into the stream- at any point, so publishers are no longer limited to pre-roll and post-roll ads, or 'stitched' interstitial ads requiring upwards of 15 hours of transcoding time. Unicorn Once™ eliminates heavy workflow management challenges and gives video publishers the flexibility to manage ad campaigns by dynamically inserting targeted ads anywhere in the stream. The service is available for both VOD and Live.

Unicorn Once™ creates a seamless television-like experience on any device and for the first time makes it possible for publishers to generate revenue from the mobile web - effectively turning a cost center into a profit center.
Online Resources
  • Unicorn Once
    Unicorn Once allows content publishers to ingest content one time and deliver to any IP-connected device via a single URL. No SDKs or plug-ins, Unicorn Once is all server side.
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion
    Unicorn Once allows publishers to insert targeted ads anywhere in the stream (pre, mid and post-roll) on any Internet-connected device; effectively unlocking massive revenue potential.
  • Real-time Analytics
    Unicorn Media provides customized, detailed analytics on content and ad performance in real-time. We also support calling impression URL's, IAB standard ad quartile reporting and beaconing all from the cloud, no client side code required.
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