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2 Park Avenue 20th Floor, Suite 2056
New York New York 10016
United States

Phone: +1 (857) 891-4873
Web site:
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Deliver quality video at scale.
Streamroot offers a state-of-the-art peer-accelerated streaming solution to cut bandwidth costs, improve quality of experience and better manage traffic spikes. By decentralizing exchanges and providing content via multiple sources, Streamroot optimizes broadcasters' video delivery infrastructure and helps them overcome one of the biggest challenges facing the web today: delivering quality video to growing audiences. Streamroot is plugin-free for viewers and integrates seamlessly into broadcasters' existing CDN workflows. It is available for both live streams and video on-demand, and is compatible with a variety of media servers, video players and HTTP streaming formats.

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Mobile VideoMusic/RadioOnline Video PlatformsOTT Video
Video Encoding/TranscodingVideo Formats/Players/CodecsVideo Hosting/DeliveryEducation Video
Enterprise VideoGovernment VideoMedia/Entertainment VideoOnline Video Industry
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Streamroot's Erica Beavers and Streaming Media's Tim Siglin discuss Streamroot's peer-to-peer-based OTT optimization services for large-scale broadcasters in this interview from Streaming Media East 2017.
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Streamroot's Erica Beavers gives content owners migrating from Flash to HTML5 a whirlwind tour of HTML5 player components and UIs, likening an HTML5 player's inner workings to the component of a loaded hamburger.
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Streamroot's Nikolay Rodionov walks viewers through the key elements of an effective A/B testing workflow for testing video players during development.
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