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765 Market Street
Victoria British Columbia V8T 0B4

Phone: 888.818.3846
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Profile is a free and open online stream testing platform.  It gives answers to long asked questions. Why is it buffering? Who's to blame? measures the actual end-user streaming experience.  This unique and powerful game changer provides broadcasters and ISP's a unique data set, invaluable for streaming service analysis.  Test results are relevant for all streaming ecosystem stakeholders.  Whether broadcaster, ISP or streaming user, gives test results everyone can read, understand and action.  Plus the website provides a new web service for streaming audiences everywhere.  All free public tests are listed by content provider, ISP and content name. 


Product Description is an free to use stream testing service for all audiences.  The site is entirely designed to be consumer friendly.  Providing streaming audiences everywhere an easy to use, relevant, reliable test website.  Rendered test results are also designed with the end user in mind.  Detailed results start at a simple letter grade measurement for non technical audiences and drill down for more technical users.  Detailed enough for any broadcaster, ISP or tech support. 

Broadcasters and ISP's can pay to manage their own test results, create customized streaming support pages for their clients and white labeling results page.

Online Resources
  • Badges
    easy and free to add StreamTest service to your website. Simply add the StreamTest Badge.
  • Load Testing
    Load test your streaming distribution with simulated end users. Get a StreamTest Load Test Certificate for your next broadcast.
  • Global Test Results
    Here is where you find a list of all public test results. Compare your ISP against others? Check other test results from the same content provider. Check test results from the same publisher. Compare your stream with users that have tested the same stream.
  • Supported Content Publishers
    Find a complete list of all content publisher websites supported by Submit your site and get listed.
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