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Stream Alerts
PO Box 60606
Sunnyvale CA 94088

Phone: 1-860-656-6964
Fax: 1-860-656-9282
Web site:

Stream Alerts provides cost-effective monitoring of your live and on-demand media streams. Simply enter a URL to your stream and our cloud of testing servers will start checking to make sure your customers can reach your content. As soon as there is an issue with the content, Stream Alerts will send an alert so that you can fix the problem before visitors are affected. With our confidence monitoring, you’ll be certain that your customers have a great experience.

Product Description

With Availability Monitoring, our servers will periodically connect to your stream and make sure it receives valid content. If there is an error, we can run trace routes and send you detailed information on what went wrong.

For live streaming, we are the only company that offers Payload Monitoring to decode your content in real-time, 24 hours a day. If the audio goes silent or video freezes, you will receive an alert. Streaming the audio of your live radio station or a television feed? You’ll need Stream Alerts to watch your stream for you.

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