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SeaWell Networks, Inc.
90 Matheson Blvd. West, Suite 410
Mississauga Ontario L5R 3R3

Phone: 1-905-813-7956
Fax: 1-888-690-5151
Web site:

SeaWell Networks, Inc. provides software for service providers to manage and optimize the delivery of HTTP adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming video to any device or platform. Our intelligent ABR management solution, Spectrum, simplifies the delivery of video while enabling new ways to monetize content. Spectrum combines ad insertion capabilities and on-the-fly repackaging for the most personalized video experience available.

Product Description

Spectrum is a session-based adaptive bit rate video management solution. It combines powerful subscriber controls with innovative manifest manipulation and on-the-fly high capacity file repackaging. 

Online Resources
  • Containing the Costs of Multi-Screen Delivery
    The new media world order presents many opportunities for content providers to reach viewers in new and exciting ways. But it brings challenges as well. Delivering to multiple screens is a tremendous opportunity. Keeping costs down while doing so, however, is far from easy.
  • Spectrum
    Spectrum is a network media management solution that combines subscriber management controls with Quality of Experience optimizations, and “on-the-fly” file repackaging for the most personalized video experience available.
  • Smarter Video Delivery is on the Way
    As online video proliferates, service providers are looking for ways to provide the best possible service quality, to compete with OTT market disruptors such as Netflix and iTunes and inoculate against churn.
  • Network-Based File Packaging
    HTTP Adaptive Streaming technologies are paving the way for more and more premium content to be viewed online. However, every technological miracle has a complexity and operational cost. Learn how to reduce that painful overhead while enabling key monetization opportunities in this free whitepaper.
  • Personalizing the Video Delivery Experience: Dynamic Manifest Manipulation
    In today’s competitive landscape, service providers need to meet rapidly evolving consumer expectations by providing a differentiated, highly personalized customer experience.
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