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SolutionChannels is a leading multimedia solutions company.  
Our innovative and practical multimedia solutions are designed to enable our clients to connect with their target audiences - simply and effectively - across all communications channels and on any device.

Rather than offer just one element of a multimedia project, SolutionChannels delivers a "one stop shop" service that encompasses Content Production, Content Mobilisation and Content Distribution.  This means that SolutionChannels makes the multimedia, makes it available for access from any device (mobile, PC, laptop etc) and we can even distribute the multimedia content for our clients (via EMAIL, SMS, Social Web).

We help clients increase the IMPACT and the EFFECTIVENESS of their communications, boost their productivity and ultimately create new opportunities for growth.  Our clients have all experienced business improvement from deploying our solutions - including reduced communication costs, increased levels of audience engagement, and greater market reach and demand for their products.

More and more businesses are discovering the benefits of working with us...

Our team offers:
1>  Mobilisation of your existing content
We unlock your existing multimedia so it can be accessed on any device (PC, Mobile and Smartphone)
Our mobilisation service enables you to distribute your content via Social Media, Email & SMS - thereby increasing your market reach.
Video Streaming and VOD / HD Streaming / Support for over 5,000 mobile devices / Mobilise website content

Multimedia Content Production:
We offer comprehensive multimedia production services.
We specialise in the production of innovative multimedia - such as CGI, Avatar and 3D Animation.
In collaboration with our premier business partners, we provide on-site film; Virtual presenters; Professional Voice-overs (including multi-language); Scriptwriting, Story-boarding and more!

3>  Content Access from any device
our mobilisation platform that enables you to distribute ANY multimedia content to ANY device (PC, Mac or MOBILE)
We recognise over 5,000 video-capable mobile devices and automatically adapt content to the optimal format supported by the device.

4> Content Distribution
We also offer a full service to distribute your content to your target audience on your behalf - via SMS and/or EMAIL.
This is particularly suited to organisations with limited resources or companies wishing to outsource their content distribution.

5> Value-Added Services
We provide fully managed multimedia solutions, that leave you free to focus on your business.
(i)  High-impact CAMPAIGNS - we produce and distribute the multimedia content (to your target audience) for you.
(ii) Online Meetings - We organise everything for your webinar/event - including multimedia invitations and webinar management


Product Description

SolutionChannels delivers a "one stop shop" service that encompasses

Content Production,

Content Mobilisation, and

Content Distribution.  

This means that SolutionChannels designs and produces the multimedia; makes it available for access from any device (mobile, PC, laptop etc); and distribute the multimedia content to our clients target audience (via EMAIL, SMS, Social Web).

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