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20 W Kinzie St
Floor 13

Chicago IL 60654
United States

Phone: (312) 801-5535
Web site:

Phenix is revolutionizing content delivery with its global real-time IP video solutions. Its interactive synchronous broadcasting technology was built from the ground up to scale to millions of concurrent viewers, while maintaining less than ½ second of end-to-end latency. Phenix handles encoding, ingest, transcoding, composition and content delivery to any endpoint around the globe including mobile, browsers, connected TVs, set top boxes and consoles. Real-time delivery drives user engagement, which leads to increased revenue for Phenix’s customers.

Product Description

Phenix provides global IP video solutions that accommodate a variety of delivery options:

  • End-to-End Real-Time Solution: Capture signals on-site and handle the encoding, ingest, transcoding, composition and content delivery to any device including mobile, browsers, connected TVs, set-top boxes and consoles with less than ½ second of latency at scale.
  • Broadcast Solution - Encoding & Transcoding: Phenix will handle ingest and distribution encoding and hand off to CDN; latency will be 6-10 seconds end-to-end with full DRM support.
  • Broadcast Solution - Content Delivery: Client will provide a fully transcoded stream to Phenix to handle all content delivery; latency will be 3-8 seconds excluding encoding.
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Content Delivery Networks/CDNEncoding/TranscodingLive StreamingEnterprise Video
Media/Entertainment VideoOnline Video Industry
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