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NetroMedia is a leading global Content Delivery Network (CDN).  What makes us special is our development work.  We can custom build highly specialized streaming service and solutions.  Everything from Pay Per View to IP Cameras to Custom Players to mobile streaming applications all critical elements for today's content companies.  NetroMedia has the experience and expertise, gained from serving the global B2B market since 1999.  We deliver specialized distribution platforms that provide industry best customer experiences. NetroMedia helps clients achieve the best balance between customer aspirations and bottom-line performance.  If your organization depends on streaming media, NetroMedia is your perfect technology partner.

Product Description

NetroMedia is the combination of a powerful development department and a CDN.  This provides clients with a significant advantage on content delivery when "off the shelf" options just won't work.  NetroMedia can build complete multi-format multi device delivery applications and solutions.  Often combining existing client technology, web or media platforms. 

NetroMedia has developed a complete CDN technology that is network agnostic.  This means NetroMedia can provide CDN services across multiple networks.  The Hybrid CDN.  Our client's save on distribution cost and and benefit by getting a seamless highend user experience.  Plus they get all the features and services of a standard CDN like advertising, statistics, analytics, mobile etc. 

Online Resources
  • Pay Per View Solutions
    Commercial, educational, live events and faith based broadcasters all have the need for Pay Per View or permissions based streaming. The NetroMedia modular based PPV solution is perfect entry level and enterprise organizations.
  • Mobile Distribution
    Everything is mobile. If you plan to reach all your audience you need a mobile option. NetroMedia is mobile streaming savvy. We can integrate the mobile streaming option in all our service offerings.
  • Live Event Streaming
    The tricky part of getting streaming right. "There are no second chances with live". NetroMedia has excelled in live content distribution since our inception over 15 years ago. Many of our systems and services are fully optimized out of the box for live event streaming. Lots of examples on how we get this service right!
  • Streaming API
    NetroMedia's GOlive API continues to be a very popular choice among the streaming technical and development community. The ability to plug in a CDN like NetroMedia along with our complete service suite is a very powerful option for hardware and content companies everywhere.
  • Custom Players
    Every content company has its own identity. Often spending significant resources on creating a unique brand, image and statement. The streaming media player must compliment this plus a whole lot more. Gone are the days of simply looking good. Now a player must be a fully functional application providing seamless streaming across all devices in multiple bitrates while accommodating multiple media sources - completely secure. NetroMedia has it all. We have a great range of options to meet everyone's budget and needs.
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