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NTT Communications is a global leader in all Internet-related business. Our award-winning Tier-1 Global IP Network covers the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania, and provides the best possible environment for video, content and data transport through a single autonomous system number (ASN 2914). NTT Com’s leadership in IPv6, DDoS protection service, CDN solution and global private peering keep our customers at the forefront of Internet technology. NTT Com provides best-in-class 365x24x7 customer service from its Global Network Operations Center (NOC) in Dallas, Texas. NTT Com was named Best North American Wholesale Carrier at the Global Carrier Awards 2015.

Product Description


NTT Com’s Internet access services will keep you connected at speeds up to 100GigE. Our dedicated Sales and Engineering Teams will work with you to select the most effective way to connect you to our network. Providing efficiency for your present needs and your future requirements, that’s NTT Com.


Ethernet Access

Accelerate your connection to the world.

NTT Com is a leading Ethernet provider. And our Ethernet services are faster than ever before. Take our 100GigE service – it’s among the fastest Internet access on the planet. And more often than not, we can deliver 100GigE in the same amount of time it takes most of our competitors to implement a 10GigE line. Just think about that. You choose your bandwidth and your hardware. And NTT Com will provide you access to a world of limitless connections.


Global Single Autonomous System Number (ASN)

Fast track your video, data and content, and keep them moving.

NTT Com fully controls the collection of routers that make up our Global Single ASN (2914). Covering North and Latin America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, we offer a ubiquitous, consistent route view to customers globally. We have private links to other leading networks around the world and we use our network to get you connected and to keep your video, content and data moving.


IPv6 Gateway Service

NTT Com can make your transition to IPv6 seamless.

Our company has been directly involved with the development and deployment of IPv6 technology since 1996, and we’ll give you access to the world’s first commercial-grade global Tier-1 IPv6 backbone. Running native, dual stack, and tunneling. And with monitoring by our Global Network Operations Center (NOC), it’s time to take advantage of true global IPv6 connectivity.



Interconnect and peer globally.

NTT Com is a global Tier-1 Internet Service Provider (ISP). And because peering relationships are key components of our global strategy, we have private peering with ALL other Tier-1 providers. NTT Com is committed to private peering and continues to aggressively deploy capacity around the world as demand increases. We have access to all points on the Internet without paying for transit from another network. And we exchange traffic with our partners, free of charge.



We want to provide you with connectivity that is cost-effective and reliable. Our Layer 2 Ethernet solutions utilize the global reach of our network to directly and securely connect your locations across our backbone.


VLink Service

Streamline your connectivity between multiple locations.

As a business, you probably use Ethernet technologies to transfer mission critical data internally, use private, site-to-site networks for connectivity between corporate sites, remote offices and business partners, and the Internet for public transfer. But this tiered communication structure results in high cost and lack of flexibility. By using Layer 2 technologies on our global IP backbone, we provide point-to-point, private line service at IP transit prices.


Global Virtual Link

Global connections on one of the world’s largest networks.

Leverage the scope and reliability of NTT Com’s Tier-1 Global IP Network when making Ethernet connections between North America, Asia and Europe with Global Virtual Link. Our service allows for a secure flow of information between locations by utilizing RFC 4448 style Ethernet technology across our IP backbone. This configuration melds the flexibility and scalability of Layer 3 technology with the dedicated traffic paths and management capabilities of Layer 2 so you get the best of both layers.



At NTT Com, we know Managed Services. We’ll take care of your Internet, and anything that may come up, so you can focus on your bottom line. We’ve got you covered.


Managed Router Service (MRS)

Take the best course for your Internet traffic.

Leave the management tasks to the network experts at NTT Com. With our MRS, we’ll make sure your routers are working optimally so your content, video and data get where they need to go. We’ll provide you with Dedicated Internet Access on our Global IP network, the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), and the Managed Service itself.



Faster download times. Faster connections. Steady video streams. Smart Content Delivery, NTT Com’s content delivery network service, does it all. With our content delivery network, bits move even more efficiently and faster. Your end users requests are automatically directed to the nearest server with the best response time. And with servers located all over the globe, your video, content and data will get where they need to go. Fast.


DDoS Protection Service (DPS)

Preserve your business and keep your assets online.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can strike at any time with potentially devastating effects to your network. NTT Com has deployed devices with robust DDoS mitigation capacity and is prepared to help you mitigate large-scale attacks with its DDoS Protection Service (DPS). When notified of a possible DDoS attack, the experts in our Network Security team analyze key network data and rapidly re-direct your incoming traffic to flow through our mitigation platform. With these attacks increasing in frequency and complexity, it pays to be prepared.

Online Resources
  • Dedicated Internet Access
    The NTT Com Global IP Network is one of the top networks worldwide. By owning and operating one of the world's largest Tier-1 Global IP backbones, we can connect you to the world at speeds designed to scale with your changing bandwidth needs.
  • Layer 2 Ethernet Solutions - Virtual Private Network
    As a business, you probably use more than one technology platform for your networking purposes. Our Layer 2 Ethernet solutions are ideal for companies like yours, looking for cost-effective, reliable and secure connections. You can create your private path across our network, with direct connections both domestically and internationally.
  • DDoS Protection Service (DPS)
    Recognizing the ongoing & increasing threats from DDoS attacks, NTT Com offers DDoS Protection Services that help mitigate attacks, identify root causes, and filter traffic until the threat subsides. Built upon industry-leading DDoS protection platforms, NTT Com's global Tier-1 IP network and 24x7 expert monitoring services, our DPS allows for fast and effective actions to minimize the impact of a DDoS attack.
  • Smart Content Delivery CDN Solution
    NTT Com's Smart Content Delivery (SCD) Solution automatically manages heavy network traffic and unbalanced server loads to reduce download times and keep your customers happy.
  • Managed Router Service
    When dedicated access to the Internet is essential for your business, it's critical to manage your router to ensure that connection. Leave that task to the network experts at NTT Com. Our solution is completely plug-and-play and offers your IT staff one less thing to focus on.
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