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1182 Market St.
Suite 425

San Francisco California 94102
United States

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Mux Video is an API to data-driven video hosting and streaming at any scale helping developers build software that streams video. Mux Video is powered by Mux Data, which offers real-time performance analytics for video streaming, helping online media publishers deliver a better quality of experience (QoE) to their viewers. The Mux team is comprised of video veterans, having created the biggest open-source video player on the web, the largest transcoding service in the cloud, and an active community for engineers working on video technology. Mux is privately held with VC backing, and headquartered in San Francisco. For more information visit

Product Description

Mux Video is an API to data-driven video hosting and streaming at any scale. Built for developers and designed by video experts, Mux Video makes beautiful video possible for every development team. Mux Video enables you to publish faster, to any device. Post a video or live stream with a single API call, and watch it within seconds. Advanced features like clipping, smart thumbnails, face detection etc, let you get creative with video publishing. Powered by Mux Data, Mux Video creates the right renditions for every device and bandwidth, resulting in lower costs and better viewer experiences.

Mux Data measures the video performance metrics that actually matter to viewers: rebuffering, startup time, video quality, and errors. Our intuitive dashboard quickly gives users the insight to find issues and make improvements, through features like A/B testing, industry-wide scores, alerting backed by machine learning, and the ability to dig into every individual video view. The product works out of the box on HTML5, iOS, Android, and major OTT platforms, and data can be exported for use in other systems.

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