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MediaMelon enhances streaming Quality of Experience, improves bandwidth efficiency and provides advanced analytics.

MediaMelon QBR improves existing adaptive bitrate streaming methods, increasing bandwidth efficiency and the quality of experience, without changes to encoders, codec or players.

MediaMelon SmartSight provides unparalleled insights into streaming Quality of Experience and provides guidance to a publisher on how they can improve viewer engagement and monetization. Leveraging AI-powered techniques, it guides publishers in reducing subscriber churn and increasing viewing hours.

MediaMelon’s technologies are backed by 30 issued patents, and are today used by leading content streaming services.


Product Description


By knowing about the differences in visual quality between encoding renditions at different data rates, it is possible to optimise the overall visual quality for a given average data rate. This can result in dramatic reductions in the data required to represent scenes of low visual complexity, while preserving or enhancing the visual quality of scenes of higher visual complexity.

Unlike other server-side solutions, this can be implemented transparently and is available as part of leading video streaming platforms and video player vendors.


MediaMelon SmartSight is a dynamic real-time streaming video analytics solution that provides actionable monitoring and deep analysis of streaming performance and video usage for the marketing, operations, and engineering teams.

SmartSight comprises of customizable modules that offer complementary information, built-in dashboards with additional controls to generate macro view of an OTT service and
be able to zoom into specific streaming sessions or individual viewers.



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