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Streaming Media Industry Directory (Sourcebook)
Marshall Electronics, Inc.
1910 E. Maple Avenue
El Segundo California 90245

Phone: 800-800-6608
Fax: 310-333-0688
Web site:

Marshall Electronics is a leading manufacturer of LCD rack mount and camera-top monitors for broadcast, multimedia, video, film, and news professionals worldwide. We offer a large assortment of technology including 3D, audio monitors, outdoor field monitors, In-Monitor Display, Quad Viewers, astand-alone field/post monitors, and now feature a complete line of IP Encoder/Decoders and Cameras.

Our line of IP Cameras and Encoder/Decoders offer a built-in H.264 & H.264 MJPEG Dual Streaming output offering real-time transmission of HDMI, HDSDI/SDI, or composite video signals, along with AAC encoded HD Stereo Audio over standard IP networks. For more information visit us at


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