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Limelight Networks, Inc.
222 South Mill Ave.
Tempe AZ 85281

Phone: 602-850-5000
Web site:
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Limelight Orchestrate™ is an award-winning cloud-based platform that empowers you to better engage with your audience by providing consistent, high-performance digital experiences across all online touch points, mobile devices and geographies. Its powerful online video platform streamlines the management and distribution of rich media in any format.  Tight integration with a massively provisioned global delivery network and robust cloud storage ensures exceptional multi-screen experiences in any location. With Limelight Orchestrate, you’ll have the tools you need to improve brand awareness, drive revenue, and enhance customer relationships — all while reducing costs.

Product Description

Limelight Orchestrate Platform integrates the tools you need to deliver digital experiences to any device, anywhere in the world. This flexible cloud-based solution stores, optimizes, delivers, and analyzes your content. Connect the entire platform to your systems via APIs, or just use the services you need.   

Limelight Orchestrate Video is a simplified and powerful online video platform. It offers easy-to-use workflow tools, adaptive streaming to any format, Zero Time to Publish, a built-in and customizable player to match any website, and powerful analytics and integration APIs. 

Limelight Orchestrate Performance combines browser and network level technologies to speed delivery across devices, from the cloud to users worldwide. It scales to changing traffic patterns — allowing customers to respond to sudden spikes in traffic without additional infrastructure.

Limelight Orchestrate Content Delivery is a massively provisioned global network that combines services, architecture, and infrastructure to move content from cloud to customer.

Limelight Orchestrate Cloud Storage is a policy-based storage service with ingest points around the globe. Configurable policies allow customers to set business rules for global upload, transformation, placement, availability, and delivery of content.

Limelight Orchestrate Insight provides end-to-end insight of the online behavior of digital audiences. Customers can quickly analyze data from all online channels and data sources, leveraging high-performance, real-time analytics.

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