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JW Player
2 Park Avenue
10th Floor

New York New York 10016
United States

Phone: (212) 244-0140
Web site:
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JW Player provides media professionals with powerful and flexible technology to deliver video, grow audience and monetize with ads. A venture-backed company based in New York City since 2008, JW offers a unique set of business solutions that integrate with any workflow and prioritize speed, API control, and growth across all viewing platforms. JW Player solutions are trusted by broadcasters and digital publishers including WWE, Univision, VICE Media, Hearst, LittleThings and Mashable and developers around the world have deployed JW Player on more than two million domains with over one billion monthly unique viewers.

Product Description

The world’s fastest video player, powered by data-driven web services.

HTML5 Video Players
Never lose viewers with sub-second startup & 100% UX control.

  • Mobile-first, responsive UI: Full brand control & API coverage; Multitrack captioning & TV casting.
  • Fast Startup, beautiful playback: Apple HLS & MPEG DASH compliance; Widevine, Playready & Fairplay DRM.
  • Cloud Player Libraries: Central configs & multi-CDN delivery; Release channels for full control.

Mobile-first Showcase Sites
Gain mobile viewers with sub-second page loads & Progressive Web App support.

  • Mobile First Experiences: Responsive, lazy loading HTML5 sites; Integrated Progressive Web App support.
  • Complete Brand Control: Customize themes, headers & site URL; Update content & designs from the cloud.

On-demand and Live Streaming
Simplify media workflows at Petabyte-scale.

  • On-demand Streaming: Multi-CDN delivery & optimization.
  • Live Event Streaming: Simulcast to Facebook & Youtube; ABR encoding & auto-archive to VOD.
  • Content Ingestion: CDN accelerated push or pull uploads; Localized, low-latency live RTMP ingests.

Encoding & Indexing
Auto-generate high quality encodes

  • Constant Quality Encoding: Auto-tuning to content characteristics; Any input source to MP4 & adaptive HLS.

Realtime Analytics
Improve your editorial decisions with intuitive & actionable data.

  • Know What’s Trending: See real-time stats on videos & ads; Instantly adjust content & ad placement.
  • Build Custom Reports: Explore & export data by video, player, playlist, country, device, domain, etc.

Personalize content to keep your users watching 20-50% longer.

  • In- & Out-player Recommendations: Our algorithms use metadata & viewer behavior to serve recommended videos.
  • Customize For Your Business: Build content clusters with business rules.

Video Ad Insertion
Maximize fill rates with the biggest toolbox & broadest industry support.

  • Full Ad Ecosystem Support: IAB VAST, Google IMA; Server-side VDMS Uplynk & Google DAI.
  • Advanced Ad Scheduling: Setup ad waterfalls, skipping & targeting.



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