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Intertrust Technologies
920 Stewart Drive
Sunnyvale CA 94085

Phone: +1 408 616 1600
Fax: +1 408 616 1626
Web site:
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Intertrust is a pioneer in trusted computing technologies. The company invents, develops and licenses a deep portfolio of trusted computing technologies to its partners to enable a broad range of network based products and services. Intertrust's content protection related technologies can be used to enable networked content delivery services to handle the world's most valuable premium content using a wide variety of flexible business models. These technologies are designed to cover the entire breadth of content types and consumer devices, whether mobile or fixed. Intertrust also works closely with standards bodies to bring standards-based content protection technologies to the market, giving its partners the peace of mind of not being tied to any particular proprietary technology.

Intertrust's technologies can be used by its partners to implement the trusted computing platforms needed to access premium content across the entire span of operating systems, digital media platforms, consumer electronics and mobile devices. Intertrust is also investing in easy to use and flexible cloud based tools and services to make sure its technology can be accessed by all players in the market, whether they are a small startup or a major worldwide conglomerate.

Intertrust is a founding member of the Marlin Development Community (MDC) along with Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, and Sony, and the major contributor to the underlying technology used in the Marlin content protection system. Marlin is widely used in content distribution services worldwide. To date, over 200 million devices are Marlin-enabled, and the Marlin standard has been selected for broadcast, IPTV, PC, mobile, and embedded systems in national initiatives such as YouView (UK), Tivù (Italy), HD Forum (France), AEDETI (Spain) and the IPTV FORUM (Japan). Additional information is available at

Intertrust is currently the world's only provider of advanced multiplatform OEM SDKs used to develop and run Marlin servers and clients. Intertrust's SDKs are also paired with flexible cloud services designed to give even small organizations easy access to Marlin technologies, furthering their abilities to develop innovative media services using premium content. Intertrust's Seacert subsidiary also acts as a one-stop shop for providing trust services to Marlin adopters. The company provides software hardening services as well.

Additionally, Intertrust manages a venture incubator with investments in information security, privacy and information analysis technologies used in the areas of consumer media, health and energy management. Intertrust is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has regional offices in London, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing. Further information about Intertrust is available at or follow us on Twitter at

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