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Intertrust Expressplay
920 Stewart Drive
Sunnyvale CA 94085

Phone: +1 408-616-1600
Fax: +1 408-616-1626
Web site:

Intertrust provides trusted computing products and services to leading global corporations – from mobile and CE manufacturers to service providers and enterprise software platform companies. These products include the world’s leading digital rights management (DRM) technology, software tamper resistance, and private data sets for various verticals including energy, entertainment, fintech, healthcare, and IoT.

Intertrust Media Solutions is a suite of services that gives content distributors, network operators, and broadcasters flexible options for content protection, audience data aggregation, dynamic ad insertion, cardless CAS (conditional access system) and offline Content on Demand (COD) for transportation and other environments with limited broadband access.  

Online Resources
  • ExpressPlay uDRM
    A complete multi-DRM solution that supports FairPlay, Marlin, PlayReady, and Widevine. The ExpressPlay uDRM SDK supports Marlin deployments on device platforms including Smart TVs, STBs, iOS and Android devices, and major browsers on laptops. It enables maximum playability on devices with or without native DRM. ExpressPlay uDRM greatly simplifies the cost and time of development by allowing service providers the ability to issue a single license for browsers and mobile devices by enabling a single encoding format for iOS, Android, and browsers.
  • ExpressPlay Ads
    A dynamic ad insertion solution for media service providers that works in conjunction with ExpressPlay Audience to offer personalized, verified, and secure targeted ad insertion capabilities. ExpressPlay Ads dynamically inserts ads using client-side and service-side ad insertion technology. Ads can be inserted into any content type including VOD, live streams, linear video, and catch-up TV.
  • ExpressPlay Audience
    A secure data management platform (DMP) built specifically for media service providers to retain control of their own data. ExpressPlay Audience allows broadcasters to compare their own viewer data with an expansive data set compiled from over 2 billion device IDs and other sources, to create rich anonymous audience profiles. Media service providers can use these profiles for any number of purposes, including personalized ads, email marketing, recommendation engines, and content production guidance.
  • ExpressPlay CA
    A cardless CAS solution that uses the open-standard Marlin DRM technology to enable broadcasters and network operators to deliver protected content to set-top boxes and smart TVs. Compatible with current broadcast infrastructure, ExpressPlay CA can be used across broadcast TV, IPTV, and OTT applications, to save costs and avoid duplication of services. It supports modern on-chip hardware security such as Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), and Secure Video Path (SVP), and offers options for integration with a root of trust and watermarking. ExpresssPlay CA meets Hollywood studio standards for protecting UHD/4K and early window content.
  • Kiora
    A secure hardware and cloud service-based distribution platform for content providers to publish and deliver rich content experiences to environments with limited broadband access such as trains, busses, airplanes, and other low bandwidth environments. Kiora combines an intelligent cloud service for content curation with a content delivery platform; this allows the distribution of protected content through content caching devices deployed in Wi-Fi hotspots while meeting studios' content licensing requirements.
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